Finding Balance

by Justin Roselt

Anantara Resort Seminyak

Finding balance can mean different things to different people. For most of us it typically means spending an appropriate amount of quality time with family while putting enough hours into our work for an acceptable reward.

I gave this topic of finding balance some thought recently while away on a brief holiday in Bali because as usual, I found it hard to ‘switch off’ (at least for the first couple days).

Life can be a challenge

Let’s be real for a minute, some days can be harder than others. We all go through ups and downs and we each have our own interpretation of events and react and respond differently. Our thoughts become reality, we’ve heard that before, and life can get in the way of achieving many of our daily goals.

For me, finding balance is about effectively managing my time and priorities, daily and weekly. If you’re a small business owner, it can often come down to managing priorities hourly.

Being socially connected

I consider myself to be rather ‘socially connected’. I keep up to date with social media trends and technologies and start my day by hammering through my Feedly updates to see what has happened in past 24 hours. I don’t waste time throughout the day buried face down in my phone nor do I tweet all that regularly. I do however have a very regimented approach to staying in touch with my social circles and curating content for personal use or inspiration.

Learn to detach

For many, it can be difficult to detach from our socially connected world. Sometimes in the fear that they may miss out on something or someone mentioning them in a status update, or that they may miss out on a business opportunity or lead. For many, this is fare enough — I am guilty of that myself.

You need to take time out for yourself

You reboot your computer occasionally so you should take time for yourself and reboot also when possible. Even if it is just some timeout over lunch or an afternoon walk to get away from the desk. I personally find this to be such a simple thing yet many of us neglect to do it regularly.

My tips for switching off while away

  1. Don’t take your laptop with you
  2. Turn off notifications and alerts (social apps and email)
  3. Turn off the mobile phone and other devices
  4. Leave the mobile phone at the apartment or place of stay
  5. Take a compact camera (don’t rely on your mobile phone to take photos, you left it at the apartment remember)
  6. Set an email autoresponder
  7. Update your voicemail message to set the expectation of when you will respond to any messages

The takeaway

Remember, finding balance is about identifying priorities in your life and ensuring you receive fulfilment and a better quality of life as a result of the decisions you make each day. For me it is also about finding the time to reboot and recharge my inner self. This alone takes practice and a little skill but worth the practice.

Have some suggestions of your own?
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