See What’s Inside My Digital Toolbox

by Justin Roselt

I often get asked what apps and tools I use to stay productive and on top of my work. Most of the apps (mobile and desktop) I use, I have been using for some time. A couple I use many times every day — like Feedly and Pocket.

Below is my go-to list of apps I use regularly to manage my work and stay on top of day to day tasks and projects.

Mobile Apps


Feedly is the second app I open on my mobile in the morning after Gmail. It is my aggregator of choice and the first step in my content curation process.


From Feedly, content and posts make their way into Pocket. Pocket contains the stuff I want to get to later and don’t have the time to do anything with straight away. From here it either makes it way to Evernote, is actioned on or becomes the source of an idea or blog post.


After moving to Android earlier this year, I tried many Twitter applications until I found one I was happy with. A big fan of Tweetbot, I was after something with the same features and usability. Fenix provides this and much more and is now my go-to Twitter app.

Fenix 2 app for Android

Easy Voice Recorder

I spend a lot of time driving and this makes it rather difficult to make notes when I get an idea or am listening to a Podcast. Having a voice recorder handy is just the solution! Easy Voice Recorder for Android is perfect and also provides options to copy and store on your Dropbox account.

Easy Voice Recorder for Android


By now we should know about the benefits of scheduling status updates and Tweets. Bufferapp is still my number one app for doing this as it promises to one thing and it does it well, without all the noise some social monitoring apps provide.

Google URL Shortener

There are plenty of URL shorterner’s available and may apps, like Buffer, provide and integrate their own. I have been using for many years now and still do today. gets a mention here because of its easy to use browser extension for Google Chrome. It also provides tracking and a handy mobile app.

Desktop Apps


This one should come as no surprise. Evernote, after email, is my repository for everything. The trick here is to keeping it organised. It is also my primary project management tool and is the last step in my content curation process.


Real-time media monitoring can be a full time job for some small businesses. However you choose to do it, it needs to be easy. Mention makes the process of monitoring social media accounts and other terminology or phrases only very easy, and it’s free!

CRM & Finance


For some time now we have been using Zendesk at The Web Monsters to manage and track website maintenance requests and ad-hoc work for our clients. Doing this kind of thing by email can get very messy, really quick. You therefore need a solution that is both flexible and scalable if you want to keep on top of your projects. It also has a neat mobile app (and a funny little intro video on their homepage)!

Xero Accounting

After recently spending some time comparing online accounting and invoicing services, I decided to move all my client facing invoicing communications and reporting over to Xero Accounting. The ease in which you can create and manage invoices and statements contributed to getting this one over the line and has continued to prove reliable.

Productivity & GTD


When I stumbled upon WorkFlowy I was an instant fan. Apart from its clean and minimal interface, what I liked most was the ability to easily focus on one task list at a time. It is free to download and use for up to 100 tasks. Additional tasks are available upon referral or subscribing to the Pro plan.

Google Tasks

This one made it into my toolbox list because I use it every day from within Gmail and it tightly integrates with Google Calendar. I add any reminders that come in via email into it and any bills or other items that occur monthly or need to be actioned on time. It has a great mobile app as well as a Google Chrome extension.

Google Tasks



I love to write and draw, particularly when I have an idea. I guess you could say I am a visual person. So people like me love using nice paper wrapped in a nice cover to record their ideas, goals and dreams. For about 10 years now, Moleskine (ruled) notebooks has provided exactly that for me. I go through approximately one every 8 to 10 months and just love the fell of a used, packed full of ideas, Moleskine.


My wife, like most, has a thing for shoes. My ‘thing’ is wallets! I just love a nice, slim, durable wallet. For that, you simply cannot go past a Bellroy. Bellroy is a local company here in Victoria located at Jan Juc. The quality of their products is second to none and flawless. Their marketing campaigns are also well thought out and appealing, especially if you’re a Seinfeld fan. So go ahead and ‘slim your wallet’!



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