Ten Travel Tips From A First-Time Visitor To Bali

My first holiday to Bali opened my eyes to the local culture and how the island is marketed to us here in Australia.

Bali Swing — Ubud
La Plancha
Nyepi New Year preparations
Pura Tirta Empul
Anantara Resort Seminyak

#1 Exchange your local currency on arrival at Bali airport

#2 Buy an umbrella (or poncho) when it’s sunny

#3 Smile and be nice

#4 Buy big bottles of water to top up your refillable bottle

#5 Take a power adapter

#6 Separate your cash into small amounts so not to give away how much cash you have

#7 Invest in a driver if you can afford it

Our driver: Gede Rukiana (pron: G’day)

#8 Take a credit card out with you

#9 Talk to strangers — make friends

#10 Day Clubs are the new big thing

Omnia Dayclub

Some Instagram shots of the trip

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