The Path To Better Health With Green Juice

My journey to better health and a ripper green juice recipe.

By Justin Roselt

In 2018 I got hooked on making my own green juice and it changed my life for the better.

It was a rough start

In October 2017 I caught Influenza B. It hit me hard. Two visits to hospital, 3 weeks in bed not being able to get up and losing 10 kilos in 2 weeks. I lost all my energy and felt absolutely terrible. I soon recovered though and got on with life. As a result I became determined to improve my overall health and wellbeing.

I was already listening to Podcasts and audiobooks and as my sleep was all over the place, I set out to find something to help with getting better rest and recovery for my body. I stumbled upon Shawn Stevenson and his book, Sleep Smarter. It made a big difference and I was soon listening to Shawn’s podcasts regularly. On one of his podcasts he interviewed Dr. Mark Hyman. During this episode they dived into Mark’s 10 day blood sugar detox program and his background and views on Functional Medicine which I found fascinating. The detox program sounded interesting so I thought I would give it a go and purchased the Audiobook. It didn’t take too long before I was hooked! I wanted to implement it immediately. I spent time each day listening to the Audiobook on my regular walk and made notes immediately after, using WorkFlowy of course.

Starting with small changes

Instead of going deep and diving straight into the 10 day detox program, I decided to start gradually. I first removed dairy and bread from my diet. Then alcohol, coffee and all sugar and introduced a detox tea in the mornings and afternoons as a coffee substitute. I noticed weight starting to drop off. I was happy with this progress and kept it up, it changed my view of what to eat and when, and ultimately, my relationship with food. I felt great! I had more energy and hit my ideal weight of 92kg, down from 105kg.

Introducing green juice

The next change I made turned out to be the most impactful. I introduced a green juice as a meal replacement at lunch time. Mark talks about this in his book and I knew greens were good for your body in may ways. I made my list of ingredients and began playing around with the portion sizes. After a couple weeks I had to purchase a new NutriBullet as the old one literally blew up from overuse I assume... I upgraded to something more powerful.

I still continue to make my green juice now and use them as a meal substitute 3 times a week, mainly for lunch (and occasionally for breakfast). The days I don’t make a green juice I mix myself up a bottle of Organifi Green Juice — this stuff is the bomb and contains essential nutrients to keep you healthy and energised. I stumbled upon Organifi by listening to a Model Health Show Podcast interview with Drew Canole. Drew’s story is fascinating and motivating and got me more interested in the Organifi range of products. I also picked up a copy of Drew’s book, You Be You. Take a look!

The results are now obvious

After sticking to a better way of eating and changing my relationship with food now for the past 2 years, the results are obvious. I feel better, I no longer take my cholesterol tablets (Lipitor), I can jog for more than 20 minutes on the treadmill (I used to absolutely hate running and jogging), I want to go to the gym every chance I get and my appetite has improved and I only eat when I am hungry and try to stick to an 18 hour (intermittent) fasting window 4 days a week. Plus, I have managed to keep my weight at 88kg now for the past 12 months. At first it was difficult. But now, it’s a way of life.

I often get asked what I put into my green juice, so here it is — my Green Juice recipe.


Makes approximately 600ml.

  • Green apple (1)
  • Cucumber (10cm)
  • Kale (bunch)
  • Ginger (thumb size piece)
  • Lime (1/squeezed)
  • Coconut water (300ml)
  • Ice (4 cubes)
  • Hemp seeds (1 teaspoon)
  • Flax seeds (1 teaspoon)
  • Walnuts (8)
  • Celery (4 pieces)
  • Organifi Green Juice (1 teaspoon / optional)
  • MCT Oil (1 tablespoon)

Had similar experiences chasing better health or want to know more? Feel free to reach out or comment to continue the discussion. I’d love to hear your story.



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