This Is How I Invest In Myself During My Downtime

by Justin Roselt

Photo by Remy_Loz on Unsplash

Time is one of the most valuable assets we have. We all have the same amount of time and I believe we are in one way or another either, ‘spending’ it or ‘investing’ it.

To make the distinction clear, making time for family and bringing up your kids is investing time. Watching TV, well that’s spending your time — you get nothing back!

Have you ever stopped to consider how you are using your time throughout the day and if it could be better used, spent or invested?

Hopefully, by reading on and investing a few minutes with me, you will take a moment to reflect on where your time goes and how you could better utilise the time you have and why you would even want to do this.

I used to spend hours traveling to and from work every weekday. At the time I didn’t mind it too much. I would listen to some tunes on the daily train ride to and from the city. It kept me in a good mood. I did this for about 5 years. I then started driving to work as it was much easier than struggling for a position on the train and to even get to work on time meant getting up much earlier as it got busier and busier, earlier in the morning.

Then, early 2014 I stumbled upon Podcasts and became hooked on the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast by John Lee Dumas. As I could not make the time to get through the pile of books I had so enthusiastically collected, listening to Podcasts was a great way to get my daily dose of learning and inspiration. I had not discovered audiobooks at this stage, that came later.

I found listening to Podcasts on the daily journey to and from work was a great way to make the time more fulfilling and more of an investment of my time. It was not long before I was listening to Podcasts every free moment I had.

Today, I still listen to Podcasts regularly. What I listen to depends on my mood and the amount of time I have to fill as some episodes go for around 20 minutes, others over an hour.

Podcasts I am subscribed to using the Pocket Casts app.

It was by listening to Podcasts that I naturally took an interest in audiobooks. I found I could download audio versions of all the books I could not make the time to read. Being a business owner, a family man and bringing up 2 boys, I didn’t have much spare time.

Audiobooks have really had a dramatic impact on my life. Every spare moment I get now I am listening to an audiobook (I use the Audible app). Listening while driving allows me to get an hour or two in at least every day. I can typically knock over a book a week!

Listening to Audiobooks allows me to invest my downtime throughout the day. My definition of downtime here is a time when you are either waiting or can only be doing one thing.

My personal view on life is — if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Listening to Audiobooks and Podcasts enables me to learn, every day.

What do you want to learn more about? Do you have some downtime throughout your day you could turn from spending to investing? Do you want to pursue an interest or learn a new skill but you just can’t seem to make the time?

Think about it for a minute.

Listening to a Podcast or Audiobook may just be the way to get more fulfilment from your day and you could very well find the spark to get you moving and motivated to chase that next goal or business interest.

Audiobooks I am currently working through:

See what audio you can find that interests you or get started listening to some Podcasts today. You might just get hooked too!



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