Unpack Your Brain With WorkFlowy

By Justin Roselt

Ever had a great idea in your head and found yourself stuck with where to start in getting it out and documenting it? This is something that used to happen to me regularly. That was until I discovered WorkFlowy.

I first stumbled upon WorkFlowy when it was mentioned in a Podcast by Kate Erickson on an Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast. It came up as one of the productivity tools she recommended so I took a look. Straight away I was hooked. I loved the simplicity of the app, its ease of use and the way it made focusing on one piece of work at a time so easy. Five years on, it’s still my go-to note taking app.

Workflowy is awesome for a number of reasons. For starters, it is iOS, Android, Mac and PC compatible and works beautifully in any browser. It makes focusing on one task at a time very easy and lets you share lists with friends and other users.

WorkFlowy allows me to get more done with less effort. So, if you’re like me and often find yourself needing to quickly jot down ideas and actions give WorkFlowy a go.

Try WorkFlowy, it’s free!



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