What I Discovered After Using Medium For a Couple Months

By Justin Roselt

Just over two months ago I decided to invest some regular time each week into learning and being active on Medium. I have had an account for some time but never really became interested in using it.

This changed a few months ago when some articles published on the platform by people I follow started appearing in my RSS feed (I use Feedly). I soon found myself spending more time browsing articles and publications on Medium and found it to be a refreshing platform to interact on.

I re-posted a few articles from my blog and updated my profile and casually watched for any referral traffic that came from the profile summary I added to the end of each post. I did this my setting up Google Analytics Campaign URL’s for the links and a “Medium Referrers” report in Google Analytics.

I was actually surprised at the volume of traffic Medium was sending to my website. The referral traffic contributed to a 20% increase in traffic volumes for August into September. Not bad for around 20 minutes of effort on my part each week.

But an increase in traffic is one thing, an increase in conversions is another.

My goal when I set out to become active on Medium was purely just to learn more about the platform and see if is something I will continue to use and ultimately determine if it can be leveraged to add value for my audience.

While Medium is a beautiful platform to publish on and is supported by what I regard to be one of the nicest iOS apps available, it is in my view, a great platform for those starting out online that are yet to setup their own platform or website, but falls short in some areas for those that have products to offer or services to sell.

It really is just a ‘publishing’ platform that allows you to extend the reach of your content — an entry point at the top of your ‘funnel’.

Some observations

The platform you choose to build your business and get started with is almost irrelevant

Anonymity can be a great thing. When you launch your website or business online, chances are your website is not going to go offline the next day due to site visits (depending on your launch plan and marketing of course). You may also change or upgrade your platform as your business grows (you may start of on a free WordPress hosted site for example then move to a self hosted or VPS solution). The goal is to get your message heard and begin publishing content and generating an audience. Your choice of platform does not matter so much as your content and marketing strategy.

Promotion is key regardless of the platform

Regardless of your choice of platform, there is one thing you cannot dismiss if you want your content to be found. That is ‘promotion’.

Promoting your content is an essential part of your marketing strategy and is best incorporated into your publishing process. As soon as you hit the ‘publish’ button, take your content to your audience.

Republishing content is just as important as writing new posts

After building up a solid archive of blog posts on your own website, it soon becomes easy for old posts get lost with the new. Hidden deep in the site and not so easy for users to find, organically or using a your website search.

Medium is great at bringing previous posts and ‘old’ content up into audience view. Giving new life to those posts you published a year ago. It’s recommending and sharing features give your readers the opportunity to bring new life back into old posts.

Just because nobody comments on your posts does not mean they don’t read and share

Medium does many things really well. One of these things is provide statistics on not only how many views a post or piece of content received, but how many viewers actually read your posts. Referred to as “Read Ratio”

The data that is available certainly does not come close to what you can extract form Google Analytics on your own website. However, sometimes it is just enough. The main downside is that you can only view the past 30 days of statistics.

You still need your own platform

If you are a content marketer, my personal view is that Medium is certainly not a replacement for having your own website. You need to be able attract, retain and convert your viewers and Medium does not allow you to do this effectively. It does however provide a platform to leverage to effectively increase the size of your ‘funnel’ and extend your reach.

Why is Medium a content marketers paradise?

An infographic sometimes does the job!

Infographic Source: YourEscapeFrom9to5.com

Should you use Medium?

Medium is not everything to everyone. It is however a great ‘attraction’ tool which any content marketer can easily use to extend their reach and republish content.

If you are just starting out and want to get your message heard and begin publishing content, Medium is the perfect solution. It is quick to get started and all you need to get going is a Twitter account.

All these new blogging platforms like Medium ultimately make getting your message heard and found a lot easier for those starting out. But after a while you soon realise you need your own platform on which to sell and promote your services along with connect to your audience, on a more personal level.

Our good friends over at Buffer have written a great post on ‘How to use Medium’ if you’re looking for more info on how to use the platform and its features.

Have your say

If you’re using Medium or have an opinion I would love to hear what you have to say. Just comment below!



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